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Rose Petals & Cinnamon Bark


Our Teami Glow Facial Oil is infused with rose petals, cinnamon bark and jojoba oil to provide skin with a dewy hydration and natural glow. Oils are a pure form of moisturizer that seamlessly absorbs into the deeper layers of your skin leaving it soft, nourished and radiant! Perfect for all skin types.

  • Additional Information

    The ingredients in Teami Glow have been shown to:

    • Jojoba Oil - because Jojoba oil is very similar to our own skin oils, it immediately penetrates skin and absorbs easily for ultimate moisture without clogging pores.
    • Rose Petals - not only are roses a beautiful botanical, but they are also known for hydrating and refreshing the skin when used in a beauty routine.
    • Cinnamon Bark - traditionally used as a spice, cinnamon can also be used skincare superfood in your routine to plump up and restore skin's natural glow.

    Made with 100% pure plant extracts and natural mineral ingredients, you will not find any harmful fillers, preservatives or chemicals added. We uniquely formulated each oil by selecting the perfect ingredients to blend together harmoniously.

    Teami Glow Facial Oil seamlessly absorbs into skin and is perfect for morning or night time application. 

  • Return Policy

    Once  the product has been purchased and shipped - there is a non refundable/ return policy due to sanitation reasons.

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